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Graphic Designing

We are Graphic Designers!! Graphic Design is a core area of our expertise We are experts in getting results for our clients. Our graphic design team has ample years of experience in the core areas of design.


Website Development

Our team of web developers and Website designers has extensive experience creating professional websites. Let us develop a website that will help you grow your business. We have easy payment plans to help you meet your budget and we offer various WordPress website development packages to suit your different needs.

Digital Marketing

Through organic Search Engine Optimization SEO to increase your presence on Social Media through content marketing by targeting niche markets. We search for and analyze data to create a game plan for your marketing strategy. Keywords and phrases are found that you may not be using.


Social Media Marketing {SMM}

Do you want to grow your brand awareness and increase reach? A consistent social media presence is essential for any business. Get started with a strong social media marketing campaign that focuses on all major target audiences including millennials, families, professionals, and more! Contact us to get started!

Video Editing

Whether it's a commercial video, corporate video or development sector communications, we create video content that seamlessly blends with your audience. We will create and deliver your project on time. We are passionate about producing high-quality, engaging and powerful visual content for our clients around the world.


Motion Graphics

RUBY PRODUCTION is a design-driven studio and animation company based in Santa Monica and LA with a focus on 2D, 3D motion graphics and animation.We specialize in motion graphics and animation, with a particular emphasis on the creation of promotional videos and corporate branding projects.


Visual Effects VFX

As a Visual Effects VFX studio, we provide a full range of post production special effects services that include 2D and 3D graphics, VFX compositing and color correction, green screen filming and digital matte painting.

Youtube Channel Management

Our top-notch video production team will edit and optimize your YouTube Channel to ensure maximum discoverability with keywords, titles, descriptions, closed captioning and cards. We’ll craft appealing thumbnails that attract viewers to click on the image and pull them into your sales funnel. Our organic growth strategy also ensures long-term organic views and your Youtube channel growth.

Let’s Transform your Ideas into Reality

Whether you have an idea for an app, website, or some other digital product, we can help you make it happen.


We believe in the power of collaboration, and we want to work with you to build a flourishing business.

In today’s world, everyone is looking for the right agency or partner to help them grow their business. We know that it’s not just about the product but also about the quality of service you get from your digital marketing team.

That is why we at Ruby Production have been working hard to provide our clients with exactly what they need. We are committed to providing you with a great customer experience that will help you not only build a flourishing business but also make an impact on your customers and target audience.




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